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Getting Started

The Scalable library has one simple goal: Scaling. It’s fast, small, and feature-rich, allowing for minimal implementation and zero long-term maintenance. Scalable breaks down the barriers between development and business, which in turn leads to fewer iterations and less bugs.


The philosophy behind Scalable focuses on making development seem easy. Adding new features should only involve writing code. While testing, debugging, and deployment shouldn’t be requirements at all.

Because the code is open source and it leverages the power of Vanilla JS, Scalable is one of the quickest and most intuitive frameworks to learn. A strong community and extensive documentation allow the barriers-to-entry to remain minimal.


Scalable’s installation is straightforward and easy. Add the script tag below to the bottom of the body tag and set any configuration options in a separate file. Make sure to then reference the config file in the data-scale-config attribute.

Remember to download the latest version of Scalable and include it in the lib directory.

<script data-scale-config="scale-config.js" src="js/lib/scalable.js" ></script>


Scalable can be used without setting any config options by simply not including the config attribute. Otherwise, options can be set by creating a file and naming it the same as the path set in data-scale-config. In the case above the file would be named "scale-config.js".

The config options are set much like RequireJS. In a separate file, call the config function and send in scaleType and the optional scaleTest. These can be set using a single string or an array of strings that define the type of scalableness desired.

    scaleType: 'Web2'

Each scaleType is listed in the documentation along with a full explanation.


An extended version of this documentation can be found on the ScalableJS Github Wiki.

Scale Types

The current types of scalability are:

If no configurations are set Scalable will just scale for Web 2.0 by default.

Test Types

By default, Scalable comes equiped with a testing suite:


For support with a specific problem contact the ScalableJS Team or visit the Scalable community forum on StackOverflow.

All the code for this project is maintained on Github. There you can contribute, raise an issue, or fork the repo.


Feel free to submit a pull request to the master branch with any code that you've found to automatically scale Javascript development.

This Site

If you're looking to contribute to this site navigate to the gh-pages branch and check out the code there.


Scalable was created and is maintained by the Scalable Foundation. Their goal is to move the web forward and sustain a dialog between developers and the rest of the world.

Change Log


Inital site implementation.


Image and HTML5 scaling added and update to README.


Added tests and SEO scaling.


Added the module pattern, the ability to send in options, and the RWD option.


Patented. (12/5/13)


Intialization. Basic Web2.0 and BigData features.