React and Flux... and a little Redux

Modern web app technology

Chris Dolphin @likethemammal


Goals of this talk

Understandable to anyone who wants to listen.

No code examples! Cus fuck that.

Explain how web apps work.

Discuss the direction JS web apps are going.

What this talk is about

Overview of the Single Page App (SPA)

Overview of MVC.

Overview of React and Flux, and how they're new and different.

A light sprinkling of the Redux framework.

What is a Web App?

"...a website is defined by its content, while a web application is defined by its interaction with the user."

Web site is mostly static content

Web app requires user input and data processing

"...For example, a news site would be a 'website', but a spreadsheet or a collaborative calendar would be web 'applications'."

Kerrek SB
Stackoverflow, Jan 2012

Examples of web apps


Google Calender




What is a Single Page App or SPA?

A single HTML page

No reload between page navigation

Logic is run in the browser (not the server) using Javascript

Updates the page as users interact with it (using Ajax, or XHR)

Encourages smooth transitions between actions

Examples of SPAs



Google Calender


How are SPAs built?

MVC or Model View Controller

A method of organizing your app's logic

The Model (M) stores and processes data

Is the user logged in?

What are the latest posts?

Has this video been watched?

The View (V) handles what the user can see

(for web apps, this is the DOM)

Is the user logged in? Then show their profile image.

Has this video been watched? Display the "watched" icon.

Is the sidebar open?

The Controller (C) manages user interaction

Did the user like this video? Then, tell the Model

Was the submit button clicked? Tell the Model to process the form.

Some real world context


C would be dials and switches

V would be meters and read-outs

M would be internals connected to the engine, etc.


C would be the gas pedal

V would be the speedometer

M would be the engine


C would be her feelers

V would be her color and smile

M would be her organs

The View and Controller are sometimes merged.




MVC Javascript frameworks help

Backbone (with Jquery)



The big problem with MVC? Managing State.

What is state?

The state of the app at any given time.

Is the sidebar open?

Is the confirmation window visible?

MVC is Bi-directional data flow

Models talk to Views

Views talk to Models

What if two views change a model at the same time?

What is the true state of things?

Bi-directional data flow


Short Video!

"React is Different"

What is React?

A JS library, The V in MVC

Alternative to jQuery in most cases

Helps manage state with the Virtual DOM

Easily understandable components through JSX

As a jQuery replacement

DOM Manipulation

DOM Events (onClick, onChange, etc.)

Faster at updating the DOM with the Virtual DOM

jQuery plugins with "Lifecycle functions"

The Virtual DOM

Batches changes to the DOM, one change at a time

All changes are reflected all at once

Don't have to worry about the bootneck of the DOM

Helps manage state, "one source of truth"


Alternative to keeping HTML and JS separate

More understandable components

Readable to designers

(Takes some getting used to)

(Requires transpiling/compiling)

React makes app development easy


Rethinking MVC

What is Flux?

Methodology, like MVC, not an implementation

Created by Facebook

Uni-directional data flow

What's wrong with MVC's bi-directional data flow?

Multiple Views can talk to multiple Models, and vice-versa

Everyone can talk at once

No idea what the true of things is

How does Flux solve this problem?

Uni-directional data flow

Parts of Flux

Views are still Views

Stores are like Models (data processing, state)

Dispatcher handles communication

Everything happens through Actions

this is the same diagram as before

How Flux works

Views listen to Stores for data (source of truth)

Views or Stores create Actions (USER_SIGNIN, SIDEBAR_CLOSE, etc.)

Dispatcher recieves all Actions and tells all Stores

Stores change only if they care to, if not, no biggy

Benefits of Flux

One source of truth

Everything recieves changes at once, Views update all at once

Works great with React

Simple, easy to think about

Some popular Flux implementations

Fluxxor (

Reflux (Github)

Flummox (Github)

Thats some of the newest developments in web apps

Whats the future look like?


What is Redux?

A JS library, kinda implements Flux

Just hit version 1.0

Works great with React

Several benifits beyond Flux

(Influenced by Flux, Elm, Rx, etc.)

Whats the difference?

Uni-directional data flow, but only one Store

Store only keeps state, doesn't process data

Actions are processed by simple pure functions, Reducers

Encourages use of ES6 / ES7 (if you're into that)

How are these things beneficial?

Even easier to manage state, one Store (and source of truth)

Reducers provided a bunch of functionality for free:

Undo/Redo or Rewind/Fastforward

Time travel


Is it worth it? Up to you

What we covered

What web apps are

How web apps and SPAs are built

Development with MVC

How React is different

How Flux is awesome

Touched on the future, with Redux

Thank You




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